War of coders in the land of always winter! - This event has been concluded

The War of Coders is here - Enter the Swiggy Hackathrone! Battle it out for the coding throne in Swiggy's 1st open stack hackathon. Declare your allegiances to the various houses, assemble your army, apply and hack it out at Swiggy's cool office and be the ONE true ruler of the Swiggysphere!


24 hours to bring your idea to life! At this open stack hackathon we are looking for wacky, interesting, unique ideas that can enhance the value of our 3 main customers - the foodies, our restaurant partners and the delivery boys. To know more about our 3-way marketplace and the challenges we face, refer to Swiggy Bytes - https://bytes.swiggy.com/the-tech-that-brings-you-your-food-1a7926229886. You will be evaluated on theme relevance, novelty, completeness of working prototype and overall presentation. This is open to all folks with skills in coding, testing, product, and design.

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$5,054 in prizes

1st Prize

1.5 Lakhs

2nd Prize

1 Lakh

3rd Prize



Anand Rangarajan

Anand Rangarajan
Bangalore Site Lead, Google

Vinita Bansal

Vinita Bansal
AVP Engineering, Swiggy

Shamik Sharma

Shamik Sharma
Ex CTO, Myntra

Judging Criteria

  • Novelty
    Cooking, Baking, Making new recipe
  • Relevance
    Relevant to Swiggy's discovery and logistics platform. Bonus points for Customer Centricity.
  • Impact
    Marketplace impact the hack can create.
  • Demo
    Completeness of the hack & presentation